Is something wrong down there? Wait! Don’t run away!
I know it can be scary, overwhelming, and make you feel alone.
You don’t know who to talk to because it’s embarrassing.
Maybe you’ve begun searching the internet for your symptoms, and now you’re not just embarrassed, you’re disheartened or scared.
Google doesn’t exactly have the best bedside manner.

It should be the stuff of day-to-day life – exercising, playing with your kids, pooping, peeing, having pleasurable sex, experiencing normal menstrual cycles, and being pain free.
What’s going on when this isn’t the case (how often do you ask yourself this?)?

When the vibrant life you used to have has been dimmed.
When you’ve started to limit or skip exercise or travel.
When your relationships are suffering from a lack of intimacy or self-imposed isolation.

Maybe your life hasn’t changed at all because you choose to ignore the symptoms and “carry on.”

Unfortunately, if any of these problems are ignored for too long, they get worse, because they CANNOT and WILL NOT heal on their own.

In fact, without help, it’s unlikely you’ll ever regain normal pelvic function.

But you’re not on your own. Not anymore.

An unhealthy pelvis can manifest in many different ways including: pain (low back, hip, with sex, or general and chronic), any type of incontinence or urgency, feeling disconnected from your pelvis, fertility issues, pelvic organ prolapse, or any other chronic issues (UTIs, yeast infections, vaginismus, fibroids, etc…).

While your particular issue may cause you to feel isolated, most women experience at least one of these problems in their lifetime.

You’ve reached the point where you don’t want your life to be ruled by pelvic dysfunction; you’re done living on the fringes and in the shadows of your once active life.

You’ve decided to prioritize your health, and healing that most sacred part of your body.

We can begin to heal the dysfunction.

So how to begin?

By modifying your perception of this intimate health issue into something solvable like a puzzle.

Picture one of those huge, really hard, 1000 piece puzzles, which, even after you dump out all of the pieces and they scatter everywhere, can still be solved. In order to solve this puzzle, you might need to switch your perspective, fire up your awareness, become diligent, and re-focus over and over; it will require looking at, touching, and rearranging those pieces.

Together, using my tested combination of movement, yoga, breath guided strengthening, body awareness and guided meditations, we can solve this puzzle.

My solution will build the necessary foundation for healing. We will begin with you describing your ideal life and how your pelvic issues are keeping you from that life.

Of course, I will ask you lots of questions so that I can understand your symptoms, their onset, their aggravating factors and anything else that negatively impacts your pelvic health and life in general.

After the talking I will examine how you stand, sit, breathe and move. You will have homework. You will be moving your body, observing your body with a critical eye on functionality. You will explore different ways to breathe and you will examine your thoughts about your pelvis. (See? Not scary – talking, moving and breathing are things you already do every day.)

Exploration exposes what is broken and why.

Next, we fix it!

You will come to appointments with me; I will formulate a plan for you to work on your own. In each appointment we will re-evaulate and re-assess what is resonating with you and what is not and modify as necessary. One size never fits all.

How many appointments will it take? I do not know. How committed are you? How long have you lived with this problem?

I know you are done feeling afraid and ashamed. I know you want a vibrant, healthy, sexually fulfilling life. It’s time to move toward healing.

Schedule your appointment today (below) or send me a private email with any questions you may still have at pelvicfloorindy@gmail.com.

Erin McDonald

RYT 200 Certified PFilates teacher
Certified in Leslie Howard’s Yoga for Pelvic Floor