Are you listening?

I have recently started talking to my pelvis again after a decades long separation. I was on the birth control pill, had no periods and did not think my pelvis had much to say (other than it was lonely and could I find it someone to play with.) But since stopping BC pills almost 1 year ago, discovering my period again, and getting acquainted with the pleasures of peri-menopause, I realize my pelvis is now screaming out after years of being silenced.

Don’t get me wrong, the BC pill kept my migraines mostly at bay for 20+ years and for that I am thankful; but I did not realize what I was missing out on. In order to manage one issue, I silenced perhaps the most sacred part of my body. And when I ripped off the duck tape, my pelvis screamed!

She (my pelvis) is now communicating in a way I do not remember ever having heard before. Granted my pre-BC years were high school and college and back then I was happy to find tampon lying around when I needed it. So now, in my quest to moderate my peri-menopause issues, I am tracking and listening and charting and calculating. I know my cycle length, when I ovulate and on which side, what stage of my cycle I am in and the length of each, modified as needed due to shortened cycle length. I am noticing what foods do not work for me during different times and trying to continue to refine that list.

I am feeling things and learning what they mean. Granted, I do not always like what my pelvis is telling me and I can choose to honor her or not, but at least I am listening.
I encourage you to start listening to your pelvis – even if you no longer have a period as your body is still cycling. Challenge yourself to let her message guide your actions for a day or two. Maybe she needs rest, exercise, nurturing, pleasure, or maybe even silence.

Hear what she has to tell you.