Welcome and congratulations on taking the next step toward optimal pelvic health! I know that this can be scary, embarrassing and overwhelming, but please know that I will work with you every step of the way. This will be a journey of you learning about your body and its habits. Knowing how you came to be experiencing your issues can help us determine the path you need to take to re-learn how to best live in your body.

The way I work is relaxed and casual, like we are old friends chatting over lunch – laughing, sharing, and maybe even some complaining. I have a small office where it will just be us because I know we will be talking about some of your most intimate problems.

Your first appointment will be up to 90 minutes. I will ask you questions about the specific symptoms you are experiencing, your general health and some other things related to what you enjoy and what causes you stress. Then I will probably have you stand, move and breathe so I can get a better idea how the mechanics of your body are working. I will definitely send you home with things to work on or explore. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in.

Cost for initial appointment: $65

Subsequent appointments should be every week or every other week. Of course, the more time you invest in correcting your bodily imbalances, the quicker the symptoms will be addressed. These appointments are 55 minutes and will also require comfortable clothing.

Cost for subsequent  appointments: $50

I will provide you with things to try and explore at home. I want you to find what you most respond to, what feels lovely in your body, and what you feel you are seeing the most results from. My wish is for you and I to work together to find what your body loves and brings it the most healing.